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Scientist from Karlsruhe, Germany

State-certified food chemist, toxicologist, head of the official alcohol control laboratory and co-head of the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) laboratory at Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Agency, Karlsruhe, Germany, which is a governmental food, medicine and alcohol control authority in Germany. Avocationally working as scientist at the Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Technical University of Dresden, Germany. PhD in Forensic Toxicology from University of Bonn, Germany. Multi-facetted interdisciplinary research interests span from analytical food science and toxicology to epidemiology and risk assessment. Social science interests include regulatory and policy research. Authored more than 200 peer reviewed publications and participated in several WHO IARC expert working groups on the assessment of carcinogenic risks to humans. Major work in the field of quality control and quantitative risk assessment of foods, cosmetics, medicinal products and alcoholic beverages, specifically regarding carcinogenic contaminants.

Dr. Dirk W. Lachenmeier, Karlsruhe, Germany


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